About GRN

The Global Ramen Network (GRN) is a network designed to bring together ramen fans around the world by spreading the beauty of ramen. Ramen is an integral part of Japanese food culture. To many Japanese, it is not just ramen, a delicious, regular part of your everyday meal, but an artistic representation of the Japanese spirit. A sacred food, to be sure!

Ramen has recently extended beyond Japanese borders, and it shows no signs of stopping! Ramen fans have been steadily increasing worldwide. Up until now, mention of ramen outside of Japan would normally make one think of instant ramen, but even this has gradually seen change.

Unfortunately, it is still rather difficult to find authentic ramen restaurants outside Japan, and quality information about ramen is limited in any languages other than Japanese. Therefore, this website is GRN’s concerted effort to provide, to current and budding ramen fans alike, access to all things ramen worldwide.

In this website, you will find:

  • Information about ramen restaurants worldwide
  • Recommendations within these ramen restaurants from GRN
  • Fun and useful information about ramen including ramen’s history and terminology involved with ramen

Those restaurants that come especially recommended will also have detailed reviews from GRN Ramen Masters, whom are scattered throughout the world. We also highly encourage you to share your impressions of all the ramen restaurants you have visited as well!

GRN is operated by volunteers with a passion for ramen, who will be continuing to provide additional information as they are able. If you wish to volunteer your efforts, do not hesitate to contact us at

Happy Slurping!
Global Ramen Network